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K-8 Building

  Mrs. Tina Kauffman
  K8 Principal
  Mr. David Volkart
  Assistant K8 Principal
  Ms. Clairyssa Lorenz
  Mrs. Devona Maharas
  MS Admin Assistant
  Mrs. Carol Koestner
  EL Admin Assistant
  Mrs. Christie Murphy
  K8 Nurse


K-8 Building Start & Release Times

Regular Day -- M, T, W, F

PLC Day -- Th      

Start Release
8:00 am 3:20 pm
Start Release
8:00 am 2:20 pm



6th - 8th Grade Bell Schedule

Regular Day
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday)

Hour Start Time End Time
1st 8:00 am 8:52 am
2nd 8:56 am 9:48 am
3rd 9:52 am 10:44 am
4th 10:48 am 11:40 am
Lunch 11:40 am 12:05 pm
5th 12:09 pm 12:59 pm
6th 1:03 pm 1:53 pm
7th 1:57 pm 2:46 pm
8th 2:50 pm 3:20 pm










Hour Start Time End Time
1st 8:00 am 8:48 am
2nd 8:52 am 9:40 am
3rd 9:44 am 10:32 am
4th 10:36 am 11:24 am
Lunch 11:24 am 11:49 am
5th 11:53 am 12:40 pm
6th 12:44 pm 1:30 pm
7th 1:34 pm 2:20 pm