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Parents As Teachers

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During the years between birth and kindergarten, there are important times when specific kinds of learning... language, social, thinking, and basic motor skills... must take place for your child to develop to the fullest.  Parents as Teachers, a parent organization, can help you capture those windows of opportunity so your child starts school ready to succeed.  It's free for all parents and participation is voluntary.





  • Guidance and information before your baby is born to help
    you prepare for the important job of being a parent
  • Personal visits by certified parent educators trained in
    child development
  • Group meetings with other parents to gain new insights,
    share experience, and discuss topics of interest
  • Information on what to look for and expect as your child
    grows and develops to be ready for kindergarten
  • Periodic checkups of your child's educational and sensory
    (vision and hearing) development









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Heidi Nichols
Jana Thompson
Heidi Loring

Cole R-I School
Parents as Teachers
13111 Park Street
Russellville, MO 65074