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Contact Information for
Cole County R-1 School District

Cole County R-1 Elementary
13111 Park St.
Russellville, MO  65074
Phone:  573-782-4814
Fax:  573-782-3435

Cole County R-1 Middle School
13111 Park St.
Russellville, MO  65074
Phone:  573-782-4915
Fax:  573-782-3775

Cole County R-1 High School
13600 Rt. C
Russellville, MO  65074
Phone:  573-782-3313
Fax:  573-782-3262

Perry Gorrell

Special Services Director
Lori Clark

Elem/Middle School Principal
Tina Kauffman

Elem/Middle School Asst. Principal
David Volkart

High School Principal
Chris Mitchell

Special Services



If you would like to make a referral for an evaluation of your child (beginning at age three) for special education consideration, please contact Lori Clark, Director of Special Services by email or at (573) 782-3325 ext. 1701

For children under age 3, please see the First Steps link below.


First Steps



These timelines are set by the federal regulations under IDEA and by state of Missouri and local compliance plans.


  • School District Staff Receives Parent Referral for an Evaluation
  • 30 days from date of referral = collection of existing data completed and an evaluation plan is developed. Obtain parental consent for an evaluation if necessary
  • 60 days from date consent for an evaluation is signed = testing is completed and an evaluation meeting is held to inform parents of the results
  • 30 days after date of evaluation meeting is held an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed and put into place (following parent consent for initial placement) if necessary


Special Education information of interest for families and teachers

Public Notice

504 Public Notice

Missouri Dept. of Special Education

Federal Regulations under IDEA


Parent Bill of Rights

Procedural Safeguards


State Compliance Plan

IDEA 2004 Resources from the US Dept. of Education

The Parent's Guide to Special Education


Local Compliance Plan - link coming soon

*Questions about 504 plans should be directed to Lori Clark, Director of Special Services

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